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Zeedijk, a migration blues, is a drama serie about the people of Suriname, the Caribbean, Turkey, China and Morocco, who colored the streets of this characteristic part of Amsterdam in the 1970s and 1980s side by side with the people of Amsterdam who were born and raised here. A large flow of migrants with a dream for the future found its way to this infamous street. This serie is about their lives and their fate, we let the viewer see through the eyes of these migrant groups. Who were they, what were their dreams, what did they find and what did they lose on the streets of Amsterdam then.

With Zeedijk we create an honest and human cityscape of a turbulent time in our history that made Amsterdam what it is today. Let’s give a face to the people who contributed to this. Zeedijk should become an ode to the migrant.

Photo: LOSON

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