Well Made Productions


Well Made Productions is a production company that gives the bi-cultural perspective a leading role with theater and film. With our productions, we are committed to representation and recognition. We create to give more flavors and choices within the current cultural offering.

In 2017 Well Made Productions received the Amsterdam Prize for Art and we are proud to be an International Associate Company of Young Vic.

Business Director 
Ellen Tjon A Meeuw

Creative Director
Samora Bergtop

Well Made Productions
Overhoeksplein 2 – lab 107
1031 KS Amsterdam

Well Made Productions has been appointed by the Tax and Customs Administration as a General Benefit Institution (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – ANBI). With this status, a donation is tax-deductible for donors.

Annual Reports are available upon request.

Photo: Coco Olakunle

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