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Next season 22/23 Well Made Productions comes with Travis; our new full-length theater performance, written by screenwriter Esther Duysker, directed by Romana Vrede. With Travis, Well Made Productions adds a fourth part to the international Raisin Cycle. This series of performances, consisting of A Raisin in the Sun, Clybourne Park, and Benethea’s Place, in which the black identity in the West plays a central role, was shown in the Netherlands for the first time. An achievement of Well Made Productions.

As an old man, Travis, the grandson of the Younger family, looks back on his life in a segregated society and how he thought he would escape from it by emigrating to the Netherlands in the 1970s. As a city photographer he stood in the middle of Amsterdam’s multicultural melting pot. A world in which the passion for life, survival, fear, exclusion, drugs, jazz and kaseko predominate. Faced with the memory of his childhood in Chicago, Travis questions the concept of “home”. How important is a family history to determining your place in the world?

Photo: Dustin Thierry

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